International service quality (the validity of a mystery shopper)

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In today's scenarios the position of a company in lead speaks volumes in the market than just being a survivor. A company can flourish if the most important factor of customer satisfaction is met according to the standards. These standards whether achieved or not can be evaluated by having some spy's, who play the role of a customer.


The benefits and drawback, strategic issues in hospitality organizations and recommendations which are later followed by possible improvements suggested with the help of the quality control tool.
As the competitiveness kept on rising in the market economy the companies had to come-up with strategies that would always take it to higher position and retain it. The welfare of a company is based on the products it offers, the quality of the products and the main concentration rests upon customer satisfaction. As customers are treated to be the major factor for a company's expansion, there was a necessity to gather feedback and conduct surveys on its own services. The procedure of gathering information in feedback sheets and then appointing few analysts was a lengthier process and was also vulnerable to inappropriate results. This very issue was addressed by appointing a Mystery Shopper. A Mystery Shopper basically makes a purchase at one of the company outlet as a customer (, nd). The services that he was provided with are considered as a feedback to the quality of service at the company's outlet. These results play a vital role in evaluating the company's functioning and helps in stimulating a progress.
One of the golden strategies followed by the emperors ca ...
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