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Personal statement, Career and Education

I am attracted to the University of Las Vegas because of the faculty, the curriculum, and particularly because of the opportunities for hands-on training and education.
Actually, I have been interested in the research and the application of scientific techniques to the health care field for many years. At Santa Ana College, for instance, I studied Pharmacy Technology in addition to focusing on chemistry and biology. Even before I decided to earn my degree in chemical engineering, I was interested in how my scientific background might be applied in the health care environment. My attractions to this field of study are essentially twofold. As an initial matter, I am fascinated by problem-solving projects. Using my theoretical knowledge to diagnose conditions and to resolve problems is an extraordinarily fulfilling task. Second, knowing that people would benefit medically from my research and work is also attractive.
Ideally, I would like to use my education and training as a basis for further research. My goal is to become an expert in the field and to pursue advanced study. As mentioned before, I have a particular interest in research and development. I am interested in publishing and perhaps becoming an instructor in the future. ...
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An education and a subsequent career in the field of nuclear medicine are attractive to me for several reasons. As an initial matter, I have an underlying theoretical interest in chemistry and its applications to the health care environment. I earned my undergraduate degree from California State Polytechnic University Pomona in chemical engineering…
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