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Essay example - Human Resource Management in Practice

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Over a span of 20 years or so, the topic of human resource management (HRM) has become one of the most documented in the management literature (a). Moreover, the increased level of globalization and internationalization of business, the growth of new markets (such as in Eastern Europe, China, India, South East Asia, and Latin America), growth of new international business blocs and an increased level of competition among firms at both national and international level has resulted in an increase in comparative HRM studies …

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Academics have responded positively to meet the challenges raised by the globalization of business by investigating a number of issues and problems related to international business . They have attempted to examine management from a cross-national viewpoint. This comparison of HRM policies and practices at a national level helps to test the convergence-divergence thesis. The typical questions pursued by comparative researchers are: (1) how is HRM structured in individual countries. (2) What strategies are discussed (3) What is put into practice (4) What are the similarities and differences (5) What is the influence of national factors such as culture, government policy, and education systems
Scholars have also developed and proposed different models of HRM both between and within nations (Mullins P.97-99, 2002). Interestingly, most models of HRM have an Anglo-Saxon base. As such, from a global perspective, principles of HRM have been developed from a restricted sample of human experience. ...
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