The Sundale Club

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1. Structural: Work groups - Ted Ellis and Chuck Johnson begin to form 1 group, while Carol tries to form another group with all the other department managers. Authority - Because of Chuck Johnson's personal relationship with Ted Ellis, Frank Havens, who reports to Ted Ellis and to whom Chuck Johnson reports to, does not have authority over Chuck Johnson.


1. Appoint a successor for Watis, who will be in a more willing position to intervene. Obviously, Watis does not want to intervene or solve conflicts anymore. A successor at this point will give the organization direction.
6. Structural: Tasks-Employees pay more attention to cutting costs rather than enhancing customer service. Information flow-Information flows two ways. Both employees and managers set the goals together. Managers can detect trouble spots faster. Rules-Higher than normal standards are set in management by objectives.
7. Psychosocial: Human resources-Higher standards are set for performance evaluation. Attitudes-Many feel that management by objectives is unfair. Perception and motivation-In the first year, the goals are still perceived as being attainable and are attained. Not so in the following years though.
1. Incorporate other goals into management by objectives that might affect financial results, such as customer service. The various departments should have set customer service as one of the objectives if they feel that it is important.
2. Use a different goal setting tool and performance evaluation tool, such as the balance scorecard that incorporates all aspects of performance. ...
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