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A Small Scale Sample Survey

The sports centre should have modern amenities such as spacious gyms and air conditioned dance studios, several swimming pools and instructional pools, all aimed at facilitating it to offer Health and Fitness services to its clients (Bowers, 1970). It should therefore act as a place where the public can visit especially in the evenings, not only to improve health, but to make friends and to get fit with one's family as well as allowing their children to have fun (Bowers, 1970). Because of the foregoing, the researcher finds it necessary to investigate the sports centre to find out if it really satisfies these obligations.
This survey therefore aims to investigate whether the Sports Centre carries out its mandate as stipulated in its manifesto. The objectives of this survey will thus be to investigate whether the sports centre operates within its mandate of offering sport and leisure courses to staff and students as well as the public. It will also attempt to find out whether the sports centre is capable of inspiring its members and non-members alike, sharing information with them about how they can become fitter and feel great at the centre. ...
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The Sports Centre is supposed to be a Leisure establishment set up to provide a quality sports as well as health and leisure experience in whichever activity an individual may decide to participate in. Many writers argue that the sports centre is supposed to be a major local centre for sport and leisure courses open to staff and students as well as the general public…
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