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Emergency Management High School - Essay Example

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Four reasons to implement access control and security after a disaster are to prevent looting, protect unauthorized access to materials and information, protect scarce resources, secure temporary work and storage areas.
Hospital disaster response plans should address the issues of bed capacity, personnel recall and notification, the establishment of a facility control center, maintaining accurate records, public relations and media contact, and material resupply.

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Emergency Management High School

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Public Information Officer (PIO) is the main focal point for the communication between the responders and planners and the public. They may give information on evacuations, shelters, or updates on progress in regards to utilities or clean up. The Emergency Management Coordinator manages the flow of information between the various agencies and the PIO. The EOC will need sufficient communications systems to remain in contact with the PIO, and each should have a designated liaison. There should be only one spokesman for the government to reduce public confusion, and information needs to remain current and thorough.
Line agencies will include the public utilities that need to restore power and energy, public works that needs to clear debris and reduce hazards, and the highway department that assures the safety and operation of streets and roads. In addition it may include the agencies responsible for ongoing search and rescue. Staff agencies will be responsible for planning the recovery, which may include restructuring the zoning laws or building codes. Development agencies may be necessary to fund and secure temporary housing and oversee relocation programs.
As the response phase moves into recov ...
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