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Management (how to become a successful manager)

The manager should not only give orders but also try to work with his subordinates in order to understand their point of view and the nature of the work. This will also help in determining whether there is any time management problem or any other difficulties faced by his subordinates during their performance or not. Until the manager works with the people he manages he will not be able to judge the performances - negative or positive of his workers. In all situations he should take decisions in a totally unbiased way to solve problems irrespective of its complexity. This approach might seem difficult but would take him a long way in his career. He should also possess the capability to adapt himself to the changes. He should direct his subordinates and make budget adjustments in a manner in which the changing conditions and demands are met appropriately. In doing all this he should never forget his primary task - the responsibility to always keep the customers of his organization satisfied by providing the highest quality of products and services.
Ability to lead people: Leadership qualities are of topmost importance for any manager to be successful. He should lead his team in such a manner that there is no misunderstanding and conflict within the group. Under his able leadership the primary goal of all the workers should be to work towards the common goal.
The manager should hav ...
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To become a successful manager a person has to engage himself in constant supervision of all activities within the organization, his subordinates as well as other publics of the organization and keep track of the challenges. The essential dimensions required to become a successful manager are as follows:
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