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porfessional future - Essay Example

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I am a 23 year old marketing communications student whose post-graduation professional career goals are centered upon brand management. From a purely personal perspective, I believe that globalisation has enormously contributed to the importance of brand management for two reasons…

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porfessional future

Brand management has always been important but I sincerely believe that globalisation has both expanded and intensified its importance. While my professional ambitions are centered on brand management, the truth is that wanting a particular career does not mean that one will be successful at that career. Professional success is only partially dependant upon interest and ambitions in and within a particular field and more so on understanding one's abilities, potentials, strengths, weaknesses and limitation and, importantly, selecting a career/profession which is correlated to the aforementioned. In other words, my later professional success is somewhat dependant upon my selecting a career in which my weaknesses and limitations will not function as an obstacle to success and where my strengths will be highlighted and my potential realized. Doing so is ultimately dependant on engagement in deep self-reflection, aiming towards the generation of a greater and more expanded self-awareness. This is precisely what this exercise aims to achieve by responding to a series of five questions, all of which contribute to the realization of the aforementioned.
The first question I need to respond to is "where have I been" This question requires that I look back on my pa ...
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