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Born in Moscow on August 6th 1985 to educated parents, I grew up in an atmosphere where things like art, literature, science and cultural aspects were highly appreciated. In the 5th grade I got accepted by one of the best schools in the city of Moscow. I studied geography, biology, mathematics, physics and history at the school.


In 1998 I won first place in a competition in Biology amongst the 8th graders in the city of Moscow. That further fueled my desire to do something more in biology. In December of 1999 I had to move to the United States.
Even though I was studying English since my preschool years, but the new atmosphere have me some difficult days, as it was really hard for me to understand and communicate with people around me. So, I decided to learn the American English as soon as possible to make myself comfortable with the American way of life. When things started smoothening up, I went straight to the 9th grade of Van Nuys High School. By the second semester of 9th grade I've been advised to enroll in honors and advanced placement classes. In 2002 I received a "Who's who among the best American high school students" award, which included me in the top 5% of American High School students. I consider that a reward for my hard work and determination.
In 2002 itself I enrolled myself in Los Angeles City College, which I didn't take seriously in the beginning. I was barely 16 then and not very sure about my future. The new life, new country, new culture got me off the track for almost a year. By the year 2003, as I turned 18, I started realizing the importance of hard work. That year I went to Santa Monica College, where I got a 4.0 G.P.A. ...
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