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Why People Should be Concern about Global Warming Effects

Among the environmental issues today is Global Warming. This is the effect of releasing too much Carbon Dioxide to the air. This compound will break up the bonds of the layer of compound that protects our atmosphere from UV rays and too much heat of the sun. When there is a lot of Carbon Dioxide in the air, it will thin up the ozone layer that protects all inhabitants in the earth. The ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere serves as protection from the sun's heat and radiation. Without this layer of gasses, Sun's heat penetrates much and it will be impossible for life to exist.
There are a lot that causes of global warming. One of the causes of this environmental issue is the gasses released by power plants. This is the cause of more than a third of U. S. Carbon Dioxide emission (Public Interests Research, 2001). Another cause also is from the trucks and vehicles gasses. It has been known that a third of U. S. CO2 emission is due to these vehicles. Among the other causes are CFC's from aerosols and refrigerators, burning of fossil fuel, and burning of plastic (Save the Environment p.2).
Big plants and companies around the world has been spending million or even billion of dollars just to get away about this issue. ...
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Everything is connected to everyone else",(De Castro, p.6) one of the principles of nature in Ecology. Due to too much progression in technology that made human activities easy, there are a lot of changes happening that affects this world. Such improvise things are though helpful but yet harmful for every living organisms on earth…
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