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Managing a multinational corporation

Multinational corporations bear certain peculiarities which should be taken into account when developing management strategy for any of them. The topic of the present work is relevant in the framework of the existing numerous multinational corporations for the better understanding of the management processes which take place in them.
The topic of the present paper is closely related to the field of management. Managing multinational corporations means applying the general notions of management, accounting the peculiarities of the multinational corporation operations and implementing the innovations which ultimately improve the general work of the corporation. Any multinational corporation needs thoroughly developed strategy of development and coping with difficulties which arise at the way of this development, and what else except management notions and theories may be applicable here It is obvious, that the field of management knowledge represents vast opportunities for the successful management of multinational corporations, for the development of innovative strategies, which will ultimately positively influence the profitability and market position of the product. ...
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As far as the topic of multinational management has recently become very urgent with the implementation of the globalization processes and related structures, the present paper will be devoted to the discussion of the multinational management in its relation to the notions of management as a whole, based on the real examples of successful management of multinational corporations.
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