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Ssertion in reltion to how mngers cn overcome problems rising from culturl differences or employees - Essay Example

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Ssertion in reltion to how mngers cn overcome problems rising from culturl differences or employees

nd in order to survive growing number of UK orgniztions will hve to recruit, trin, nd promote culturlly diverse employees. In essence, this is nothing more thn developing dditionl humn resources.
In view of bove, this pper proposes ppliction of the reserch supporting the self-efficcy construct to build diversity self-efficcy nd bridge the gp between diversity trining nd diversity performnce. The reserch is bsed on the pursuing of the sttement once enhnced by Schuler tht "culturl differences cn be difficult to mnge, even if they re nticipted". The wys to overcome difficulties tht tke plce on the workplce due to culturl differences between workers re covered in report s well s prticulr orgniztionl nlysis is provided to present better understnding of the issue.
Some mngers nd supervisors del with hundreds of cross-culturl employee problems s well s millions of dollrs worth of business cpitl. Regrdless of the number of employees nd cpitl involved, the tsk of mnging diversity in the workplce is enormous. Most employers do not question the ssumption tht humn resources re their most vluble sset. The dimensions of cross-culturl problems, however, re seldom dequtely covered in college courses or inservice trining progrms.
Msi's estimte my be too low becuse it includes only mesurble things such s bsenteeism, sick leve, ccidents, nd rising helth costs. He did not fctor in other costs ssocited with employee personl problems: poor job-relted decisions, decresed work qulity, erly retirement, nd workers' compenstion clims. Nor did he consider the fct tht "The incidence of mentl, emotionl, nd personlity disorders in the work force nd the economic costs of such disorders to plces of employment re of such proportions tht they cnnot be ignored" ( Follmn, 1998, p. 138). Problems centering on diversity issues lmost lwys impct economic costs. The most incriminting costs re legl fees nd plintiff wrds in discrimintion nd sexul hrssment cses. Employees who believe they hve little opportunity for creer dvncement tend to be less loyl, less committed, nd less stisfied on the job thn their co-workers who project creer dvncement.
Jmes Greiff ( 2002) postulted tht 10 percent to 15 percent of Britishdults develop problems tht interfere with their job effectiveness. This includes diversity-relted problems such s rcil nd sexul hrssment tht culminte in worker liention. Joseph Follmn estimted tht 80 percent to 90 percent of industril ccidents re due to emotionl problems. The mjor reson most employers try to prevent or bte these problems is cost. Further, Frink (2004) clculted tht the ntionl verge cost of replcing n employee is $7,000, which includes only recruitment nd hiring processes. From this perspective, Thoms Peters nd Robert Wtermn (2000) were correct to cution CEOs to tret their employees s the primry source or productivity gins, not s cpitl spending. stisfied, helthy, diverse workforce is requisite to productive workforce.
Contrry to populr opinion, mnging diverse workforce is not new concept. The more effective mngers hve lwys been wre of the culturl differences in their employees. But wreness is not enough. Mngers must be ble to utilize the skills of ech employee nd do so in wy tht ...Show more


Wys to mximize benefits of n incresingly diverse workforce nd client bse is continuing concern for orgniztionl ledership. The current processes for mnging culturl diversity continue to be necessry but re not sufficient to result in effective outcomes in 21st century orgniztionl environments…
Author : durganrosemary
Ssertion in reltion to how mngers cn overcome problems rising from culturl differences or employees essay example
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