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Ahimsa, being rooted deeply in the Indian culture than in other cultures believes that non-violence is the best way of solving all other forms of conflicts. This is a practice that the Indian culture had been living up to even at present. Gandhi exemplifies best of this practice such that he remained to eat nothing of any meat but of vegetables alone. There were even times when he deprived himself from taking in any kinds of foods to be able to live up to this Indian cultural practice.
Racism and social injustice have been dominant in South African culture. Unaware of such change in the society, Gandhi, after finishing his studies in England travels on a first class train ticket. While the excitement coming back to his homeland plays in his thoughts, a rude guard threw poor Gandhi off the train for his being black at the very next station. Shocked beyond words by such injustice, Gandhi realized there is nothing left for him to do but to protest against the law and the government of such injustice and racism. This had become a turning point of Gandhi life as he has realized the need for the poor Indian natives to lift themselves up from the discrimination of the British men. (, para 1)
Gandhi at the same time observed that the most of the Indian minorities lack ...
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Gandhi left a significant mark in the hearts of the Indians in South Africa. His teachings and his battle for the Indians against racism and social injustice did not only give an enlightenment on these people but to the entire humanity as well. Gandhi became an inspiration to the people he had met personally as well as the people who know nothing much of his existence…
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