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Analysis of Hippolytus

The death of Phaedra basically due to the betrayal of the nurse does not move Hippolytus.
The qualities of courage, unmoved and indifferent attitude of Hippolytus could make him a successful chief executive of a contemporary company under a high-pressure environment. Hippolytus showed all the good qualities of a resolved administrator without compromising his principles of honesty and chastity. He was not moved by the love of Pheadra rather he remained unshaken. Today, emotional stability is the basic strongest feature for the bosses of the company. They have to remain resolved and steadfast with their decisions and principles. Strength of character shown by Hippolytus is the basic requirement for efficient running of a company in a highly pressurized, temptational a women infested environment. Therefore, the strengths of character, personality and mind shown by Hippolytus are the requirements of a job of CEO of a present day company.
However, the flexibility and rationale is another factor that is lacking in Hippolytus as a CEO of a high-pressured company. Hippolytus, as a strong character is deficit of the flexibility. Except for this point, the persistent attitude of his going ahead and not listening to the advice of the attendants is another deficiency found in the character of Hippolytus. He remained unmoved on the scene of a beautiful loving women's death. ...
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In 428 BC Hippolytus, a play of Euripides won the first prize. The reason for this outstanding piece of work was based on the resilience, courage, sustenance of pressure and steadfastness shown by modest and chaste character personified in Hippolytus, the son of Theseus…
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