Appropriateness of Assessment Tools for the Achievement Of Literacy Goals - Essay Example

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Appropriateness of Assessment Tools for the Achievement Of Literacy Goals

The level of literacy that an individual should acquire is a matter of personal choice depending on his or her inclination and the role that he or she will be required to play in society. This offers scope for learning choices with regards to the tools of learning. This compels the teacher to personalize his or her pedagogy to meet the needs of the individual learner in the group.
Training in literacy should be connected to actual use of it in real-time situations. The social context in which we live is democratic and multicultural and literacy training should take into consideration these aspects of our society. A comprehensive literacy assessment should test whether these tasks are fulfilled in actual end product of instruction.
Based on the realization students develop on a dynamic continuum and they have different rates of progress, teaching should be tailor made to suit the needs of individual learner. Dr.Bonnie Campbell Hill has analyzed the levels of achievable benchmarks for different age groups and the level of competencies that students should have in that age. By bringing also the parents as active partners he has reiterated the concept that learning is a social activity that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. ...
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To understand the process of literacy acquirement, a look at our own personal literacy experience will be good and rewarding. This will throw light on the typical way humans develop their literacy. We humans share with animals the use of instincts, but humans are unique in their ability to transfer the experience through a process of formal teaching and learning…
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