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The government of Ghana's recent deregulation policy in the telecommunication industry has opened the gate for private sector participation through investment in the various facets of the telecommunication industry. It is in the light of this that, XYZ Internet service will be launching into the local industry by offering high standard internet service to the Ghanaian internet using public.


Over time, our activities will be decentralized to enable our services be enjoyed by potential patrons in the outskirts of the capital city.
Internet service is woefully inadequate in Ghana, besides, in places where it does exist, it is still at its infancy. In view of the technological wind currently blowing across the world, the people of Ghana should not be left off this experience. It is based on this realization that XZYZ Inc can capture the enormous business potential on the domestic market.
It is against this background that the primary focus of the company will be to offer high standard internet service that will be defined by speed and reliable connectivity. By so doing, we will be progressively headed towards becoming the main entryway for data communication by offering ground-breaking products, at affordable prices, and above all with the highest levels of customer service.
At the core of the success of every business entity is the strategic role planning plays in the overall operational agenda. Therefore in collaboration with the top management hierarchy of the company, the goals of the company will be identified and streamlined along the conventional managerial standards ( Javashree 2008).
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