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Essay example - Psychology. Diary Activity.

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1. In the present social context gender role still affect the way people communicate. It is still a chauvinist society where women are relegated to domestic life and minimal work. They are expected to the needs of their family and are seldom given higher positions which are mostly given to the males…

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Where in her childhood a woman experienced humiliation or never appreciated or recognized for what she had done or said she will not feel comfortable of expressing her thoughts even when she becomes older.
3. Language is a barrier to assertion. When a person cannot express his thoughts and his ideas because he does not have ample language facility he cannot assert his point. It is important therefore that a person must have a rich world bank so that he can competently express what he has in his mind.
1. Active listening reduces the defensiveness of the other person because when one is actively listening he can effectively employ different skills that would physiologically and psychologically encourage the speaker. The listener can be persist, or negotiate or employ the three-part messages of assertion.
Scenario 1: There is the need fro active listening and assertion. As soon as the client is ready to listen there is the need to explain the process and explore on the needs. The client must collaborate and must be patient undergo the process of treatment. He should be willing to put his trust. Mapping can be utilized in this situation.
Scenario 2: There is the need to come up with an action plan that must be implemented or carried out so that it would be clear who would work on it, how it should be done, and when it shou ...
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