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English Only Policy in the Work Place

The recommendation mandating the exclusive use of English at all times in the workplace should not be made into a policy. The policy recommending for the exclusive use of the English language should not be adopted in the organization. Adoption of this policy will at a huge extent bring forth more negative outcomes than positive ones. This is considering the whole organization at large and the employees in more specific terms.
Whereby an employee fails to perform their duties or tasks effectively due to their failure to speak English in the workplace or the case where they use a foreign language or an accent that affects their output.
There in no problem whatsoever with employees speaking their native language in the work place as long as their conversation is not disturbing others who are unfamiliar with the language. Moreover, as long as the language is not offensive it should not be abolished. It is common place to find people from the same ethnic background speaking their native tongue in the work place or another setting where the rest are unfamiliar with it (Fink et. al.1996)iii. ...
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In an organizational setting many policies are always put in place to ensure uniformity in conducting daily activities. Some of these policies are positively taken up and followed by the employees while others are not and to extreme cases rejected. The management is the one bestowed with this noble cause of formulating policies as well as ensuring for their implementation…
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