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Building for a Sustainable Future

Strategic planning at the beginning of site investigation helps ensure that the process is technically sound, resourceful, and operating on proper time frame. There must be clear understanding of the specific regulations governing the investigation and remediation process, so that the entire operation is satisfactorily addressed (Improving Site Investigation).
A structure which is economical and safe to construct is durable and has low maintenance costs. A large part of the decision to construct depends on the understanding of the nature of the ground. This understanding comes from an appreciation of the distribution of the materials in the ground and their properties. An adequate site investigation is therefore an essential part of the building project (A Client's Guide to Site Investigation).
The selection of treatment technologies for a site often depends on the physical and chemical properties of the contaminants. For instance, volatile organic compounds are amenable to treatment by technologies such as soil vapor extraction or thermal desorption, because of their volatility. Conversely, metals which are not volatile and do not degrade are not usually amenable to treatment by those technologies (Treatment Technologies for Site Cleanup).
Brownfield sites are real property, ...
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The brownfield site acquired for development purposes has been in a state of closure and unoccupied since the early 1970s. The records of the previous use are, however, incomplete. The client is a developer of high quality residential accommodation, and as such, it is imperative that the site be thoroughly investigated before it is taken up for development.
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