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Environmental Management College

On the other hand, the second principle of 'equitable sharing of international costs and benefits' that requires all nations to share the costs and benefits of environmental adjustments, equitably is not pragmatic. Not all nations are capable enough to share the costs. Some countries are poor, some rich. Some are developing, some developed and others underdeveloped. So, it won't be fair to ask all of them to share costs equitably.
So, the principle must be reviewed and be formulated in such a way that the countries pay costs according to their ability and benefits according to their need. If the environment faces any damage, it would impact every one, irrespective of who paid how much. So, a practical approach is what is required.
For example, the principle of the present generation ensuring that the future generation gets at least a healthy environment that's worth living in. We must make sure that we do not waste resources now and leave a sufficient amount for our next generation. So, we must use more of renewable resources rather than the non-renewable ones.
Besides, the principles of avoiding irreversible damage to the environment, valuing environmental assets appropriately and the thought that the polluter and the user pays will help in preventing environment degradation substantially.
Last but not the least, the principle of maintaining consis ...
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One of the most hazardous problems facing the earth today is population. The alarming rate at which population is increasing has an adverse impact on the environment, resulting in its degradation. The population rise demands more of resources, which in turn means higher production, increased pollution and thereby greater harm to the environment.
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