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In recent years, there has been greater recognition of personality in the workplace. According to Zur Muehlen (2005), the motivation behind the initiative is due to need to enhance workforce productivity as well as to deter conflict within and against organizations…


For the purpose of this study, humanistic or existential will be the personality perspective in focus. The scenario will involve two parties of equal rank who will develop a conflict based on perceived socio-cultural differences. Both of them are associated to cultural groups, have had no significant histories of conflict with co-workers and are both being considered for promotion. Humanistic perspective will be applied to the analysis of the scenario with a particular focus on how personality affected the situation. In doing so, recommendations for the resolution of the existing conflict and preventing future ones can be determined.
The conflict develops between the Product Development Manager (PDM) and the Sales Manager (SM) of a company due to the former's proposition that the new product, a new type of breakfast cereal should acquire halal certification. The PDM believes that gaining such a certification, reflecting that the product conforms to Muslim religious conditions for food preparations will reflect the product's sensitivity to the Muslim community and follow the merchandising strategies being implemented by international retail companies (Patton, 2006). ...
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