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3. Identifying and investigating apparent misconduct or mismanagement in the administration of charities and taking remedial or protective action in connection with misconduct or mismanagement therein.
(a) such appeals and applications as may be made to the Tribunal in accordance with Schedule 1C to this Act, or any other enactment, in respect of decisions, orders or directions of the Commission, and


(S 18)
c) the need for the charity (or the receiving charity in the case of a transfer) to have purposes which are suitable and effective in the light of current social and economic circumstances (S18)
He must, within 28 days of the discovery, replace it with another ear tag bearing the same number (which must be a primary tag if the original was primary or a primary or secondary tag if the original tag was secondary) and failure to do is an offence. (Schedule 1, (4)(2))
In the case of a dairy herd, the second ear tag is applied within 20 days from the birth of the calf (Schedule 1, 3 (c)). From the time the Farmer or keeper applies that 2nd tag, he must within 7days register the calf (Schedule 2, 3(1)).
The judges in the case were Lord Brown-Wilkinson, Lord Lloyd of Berwick, Lord Hoffman, Lord Hope of Craighead, and Lord Clyde (House of Lords Judgments - Alan Wibberly Building Limited v. Insley / Session 1998-99/ 29 April 1999)
Lord Hoffman gave the leading judgment contained in paragraphs 3-24 of the Opinions of the Lords of Appeal, 29 April 1999. The other judges expressed their affirmation to Lord Hoffman's judgment (paragraphs 1, 2, 25 and 31)
a. ...
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