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European Security and Defence Policy

Most decisions in the council are made by the majority votes while unanimity is needed in the sensitive issues like foreign policy (Churruca; 178; 2000).
In order to assume full responsibility in crisis management the European council established permanent political and military structures (Nice December 2000).The first structure is the political and security committee (PSC) which acts as the preparatory body for the European Union council. The main role of the political and security committee is to check and follow the international state of affairs thereby helping in defining policies in the Common Foreign and Security policy. It prepares a rational EU reaction to a crisis and works out the political control and strategic bearing or direction to be under taken by the European Union (Hill; 2002).
The second structure is the European Union Military Committee (EUMC), which is the highest military organ in the council. The body is made up of the chiefs of defence of states that form the European Union. ...
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European Union (EU) is a political and economic partnership between twenty seven European nations. Its main plan is to bring and ensure peace, prosperity and freedom in all its follower's citizens. EU countries have put in place bodies that run the European Union whose main organs are the European parliament which represent European people, the council of the European Union representing the governments of member nations and the European commission which represent the common interests of the European Union…
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