Higher Education in Contemporary Society - Essay Example

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Higher Education in Contemporary Society

With more and more businesses turning to overseas labor, the job market in America is suffering. We need a public that is educated and capable of contributing significant economic skills to the development of our systems and institutions. More competition in any given market means that candidates for positions need to be knowledgeable and capable of ingenuity. As globalization spreads, jobs are demanding more than primary education can offer; a key factor in obtaining a well paying career path is obtaining some form of higher education. Employees and applicants need to be ahead of the times, ready to interact with people of different languages and customs in a business manner and achieve successful relationships. Entrepreneurial engagement is also important to a society, it allows for new markets to open up and eventually new jobs to come about. Higher education is essential to the success of any entrepreneurial business especially in today's rapidly growing marketplace.
Another reason that higher education is so important today is the simple fact that without an educated public, democracy cannot thrive. ...
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The society of today is more interconnected than any other the earth has seen. Globalization dims the lines between our countries and allows for a free flow of ideas, information and people. A massive demand for changes in our K-12 schools spreads throughout America due largely to the fact that globalization makes it common for many cultural backgrounds to reside in a single classroom…
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