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Essay example - Statement of Purpose writing about goals and objectives in pursuing a graduate degree

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In recent times, our country has been losing a lot of technological power to European and Asian countries. This has been brought about by the fact that most of our scholars do not further their studies in management of technology, something that is making our country to lack enough capacity in the field of technology…

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I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic and intelligent person. One of my unique qualities is my broad experience in industrial engineering the course which I undertook during my undergraduate studies. I have a great interest in management of technology and I also have a passion for charity work as through it, I am able to help the weak in society. I am sure that these qualities will have an impact in my master's study. My undergraduate degree has grounded me in issues of management. All my above mentioned qualities and characteristics prove that I have much to offer to St Lawrence University.
The four years in which I undertook my undergraduate were not sufficient for me as I did not acquire all the knowledge I wish to have. The years were not enough to make me be in a position to perform effectively and efficiently in the field of management technology. I have a great passion for making my foundation stronger in order to increase my capacity to be more effective in managing technology. I am driven by the fact that other countries are rapidly growing in terms of technological development. Our country is being overtaken in this field and hence serious measures need to be taken. One of these measures can be to increase our knowledge capacity in this field.
I have confidence that with my undergraduate degre ...
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