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Crime Seriousness Survey

People from different fields, whether it is field of education, politics or some other field, have taken keen interest in determining the seriousness of crimes.

These surveys have focused on determining the awareness of crime in general public. In this way they have been able to understand the psychology of different people in society about crime.
Some of these surveys are based on asking views about criminal activities from local people and some are based on views from different countries. The different questions that may be asked from people could be about what they think of different crimes and what punishments would they have given if they had the authority to do so. From the answers obtained the surveyors determine seriousness of crime. However there is another issue that must be addressed to determine the seriousness of crime. This issue is of "the circumstances under which the crime took place". There is a big difference between "a crime for pleasure" and "a crime because of extremely harsh conditions".

Many people would think that those who perform offensive activities for pleasure should be given greater punishment as compared to those who have done it because of some helpless conditions. The purpose of the surveys is usually to get the viewpoint of individuals as well as of whole society. The perception about seriousness of a crime varies from place to place. Each culture has its own rules and regulations and hence the punishment given against an offensive action may also vary from place to place. The research about determining the seriousness of crime is taking place for many years. ...
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A lot of surveys are taking place nowadays to measure the seriousness of criminal activities. These surveys are considered very important in making policies of a country. Although there have been lots of debates about the ways these surveys are taking place, but still there is no doubt that these surveys have gained lot of popularity and interest in past few years…
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