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Enterprise Resource Planning- Business Process Reengineering - Essay Example

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Author : kayliwolff
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Many organisations emphasise the value of team working and collaboration when recruiting MBA's. Explain and describe the ways in which collaborative and competitive characteristics in an individual are important to organisations and how they can aim to achieve a balance between.

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Enterprise Resource Planning- Business Process Reengineering

Organizational goals and the ability to meet them are vital and can be made possible only when the collective force of the employees are aligned to the goals of the organization.
Businesses have found that the key to successfully completing and accomplishing projects is often through the development of teams. No employee functions by himself. Teams are an imperative part of an organization and therefore teamwork on part of the workforce becomes essential. Teamwork has become an essential element for the success and survival of a business. The team manager is often entrusted with the responsibility of delivering results on behalf of the team and it is therefore no surprise that organisation look for teamwork as an important skill when recruiting MBA's.
A productive team has players that share common goals, a common vision and have some level of interdependence that requires both verbal and physical interaction. They may come together for a number of different reasons, to achieve a sales target, to formulate a marketing campaign or brainstorm ideas for a new product etc. Their goals are united by the single cause of achieving the optimum performance and experience success. The destination may vary, but the means by which one gets there is the same - teamwork.
Teamwork makes every individual accountable for the result. ...
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