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Disaster Management

For this paper, we tracked disasters in different provinces/cities to be able to draw conclusion on the hazards, impact and vulnerability of these cities, and to recommend measures in mitigating and being prepared when such disasters strike.
Data of disasters that happened in Ontario and Quebec for 1993 up to 2010 were obtained from http://www.scribblemaps.com. Most common disasters in these areas based on the data gathered are floods, forest fires and storms/snowstorms. Other disasters that struck the area are chemical fire, train collision, tornado, snow avalanche, aircraft and bus accident, chemical release, epidemic and mine collapse.
In Quebec, flooding happened every year since 1992 until 1996. These resulted to deaths, loss of homes and jobs, disruption of classes, washing out of roads and bridges and electricity cut-off. As a low lying area, Quebec has been vulnerable to floods. The government devised a plan to combat this via various infrastructures like construction and operation of a water retention reservoir, construction of a sill, consolidation and enhancement of existing dikes and implementation of an upgraded flood forecasting system as reported in Fisheries and Oceans Canada. ...
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Different disasters happen every year in any part of the globe and this is evidenced by various news reports ever published. Tracking disasters from previous years could be of great help in avoiding potential losses from hazards when the same disasters strike, and ensuring rapid and effective recovery to possible victims (Warfield)…
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