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Essay example - Customer Relations / Service Comparism

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A policy in the context of firms or companies and their customers can be described as a set of specific principles which are laid down to guide actions or serve as guidelines to show commitment by a firm to its customers and also to guide them in whatever decision they as far as their operations are concerned…

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The two companies we are going to take a look at are ; The Survivor commercial Bank and the One touch cellular network provider. The Survivor Commercial Bank also known as S.C.B, is one of the premier banks in Ghana and is a government owned firm. It provides banking solutions to both individuals and cooperate bodies. Some of their products include Savings Accounts, Current Accounts , Loan facilities, treasury bills amongst others. This bank however started in the early stages facing very little competition from other banks. Since it was owned by the government, it looked almost like the peoples bank and therefore attracted more customers especially Ghanaians or natives of Ghana. One other thing was that because it was a state owned firm, the charging rates were comparatively lower than those of the other banks which are private ones and even till now is much lower than most of them.
The customer base of this bank however has not been that good that much of late as well as customer satisfaction. You would agree with me that in this present days, most people are not only for the most affordable services but also the most reliable and quality ones. ...
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