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To work as an audiologist will require that the person be licensed. All states require a minimum of a masters degree to gain registration in that state. In Alabama, there have been some recent modifications to the requirements. Currently the state requires a doctoral degree and some form of supervised clinical experience. After attaining these credentials the person is allowed to take the state approval examination. Before 2007, the state required a masters degree, but the enhanced requirements only affect those just entering the field. This is typical of the other states where they have selectively raised the academic requirements.
Currently there are 12,000 professionals that work nationally as audiologists. This number is expected to increase to 13,000 by the year 2016. This adds about 100 new professionals per year. This is about the average of all occupations, but the chances of working in the field are increased when the person has a doctoral degree. Many states require continuing education for re-licensing, and Alabama maintains that requirement for audiology assistants. The median income for an audiologist is about sixty thousand dollars per year. The income is tightly grouped with few audiologists making more than ninety thousand or less than forty thousand dollars per year.
The field of audiology has ma ...
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An audiologist is a professional that assesses and corrects a wide range of problems that are related to the ear. This can include hearing degradation, balance, and neural problems associated with the ear. It is a highly specialized field of medicine in which there are currently 12,000 practicing professionals…
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