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Leisure and recreation

The media boom has definitely resulted in the "active" forms of entertainment taking a back seat.
Leisure is time spent in non-compulsory activities. Because leisure time is free from compulsory activities such as job, running a business, performing daily chores, academics and other routine tasks, it is often referred to as "free time". The distinction between leisure and compulsory activities is not strict, as compulsory activities may be done for pleasure as well as for long-term utility1. Capitalist societies often hold a positive view towards active leisure activities. Many active leisure activities require an investment of time and money. Thus, it is more difficult for the e lesser privileged to engage in such activities and they remain confined only to the affluent section of the society. Capitalist societies often accord members who have more wealth with greater status. Some types of inactive leisure that also require an investment of time and money, such as "doing nothing" in a vacation atmosphere, are also viewed positively.
On the other hand, an individual who "does nothing" at home is often referred to as "lazy" by others in the capitalist society, regardless of their financial and socio-economic status. The wealthy person who does nothing but lounge around the pool at home is seen as lazy. ...
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Leisure and recreation has been an inseparable part of our existence even since humanity came into being. It has been intricately interwoven into all aspects of our lives in some form or the other. Although the definition and idea of "recreation "is very subjective, yet the primary goal that everyone looks for is "self-entertainment"…
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