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Brick has been a conventional construction material in United Kingdom, Japan and United States of America. In United Kingdom particularly, bricks are used since the earlier centuries for building and construction purposes. Mostly in the outskirts of London, red bricks are usually used.


In an online source, Wikipedia, it states that "Before this time bricks were generally made as close as possible to their point of intended use (it has been estimated that in England in the eighteenth century carrying bricks by horse and cart for ten miles over the poor roads then existing could more than double their price)."
Woody Harrelson says in the movie Indecent Proposal (1993), "A common, ordinary brick wants to be something more than it is." This statement conforms to the recent developments organised by the Brick Development Association (BDA), who represents the UK brick industry, looks for new and modern ways on how to utilise effectively this versatile construction material. BDA is the working group in developing the codes of practice for clay masonry and pavers units. Continues efforts are employed in exploring new products and mixtures for brick by the group since brick is one of Europe's most popular building materials remain intact.
Many researches were conducted to explore different mixtures for brick and managing recycled brick. Recycled clay brick aggregates for use in concrete is one of the by-products of bricks that were experimented. ...
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