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Ethics in Criminal Justice

When a convict or a person charged and accused of committing a crime approaches a criminal justice personnel; this is the main quality that the latter needs to possess. Performing one's duty, which is that of administering justice or striving to obtain justice for an innocent convict in this case, is of prime importance. When the justice personnel is dutiful towards his professions and maintains the ethics and morals of criminal justice, he automatically begets qualities like honesty and loyalty, since he is committed to performing his Duty sincerely. Discretion comes by, in the process too, as he becomes well aware in the process of differentiating right from wrong, while catering to his Duty. Thus, being dutiful is the most important quality, as it brings along with it, a multi-quality persona!
The topic for my research is Ethics governing Cyber Laws. The advent of the Internet has created a revolution worldwide and has made life easy for man. However, there are numerous problems and ethical issues cropping up globally, due to the undeniable access and percolation of the Internet into almost every sphere of our activity. ...
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Justice is the process of providing the appropriate treatment or verdict for a particular deed or crime, in the context of criminal justice. It is not merely the concept of egalitarianism that comes into the picture, but is also inclusive of morality and ethics…
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