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There are many types of group collaboration software. For team dynamics, there is group scheduling software to schedule meeting. To support the execution of meetings, there are electronic meeting software, videoconferencing software, and the whiteboard software.


Both outlook express and MSN messenger support electronic messaging and the sending of electronic documents. The advantage of MSN messenger is that communication is faster rather than having to walk across the staff room to the person whom you wish to talk to. Documents can be sent via MSN messenger too. The disadvantage is that communication has to be real-time. If the person to whom you wish to communicate to is teaching classes, communication is impossible. Fortunately, there's always outlook express. The advantage of outlook express makes up for the disadvantage of MSN messenger. Communication is possible at different times from different places, in addition to the capability of sending documents. The disadvantage of outlook express is that verbal and non-verbal cues such as tone, inflection, and facial expression are missing (Montoya, 2003).
Office automation systems include the electronic office such as computers, fax, and computerized telephone systems, as well as office automation applications such as word processing, electronic mails, desktop publishing, fax, image processing, and teleconferencing. The trend is to integrate these applications (Williams, Sawyer, & Hutchinson, 1997).
In the school where I am teaching, we use computers, Microsoft office applications such as w ...
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