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Business Research Methods

It is very tempting to design a data collection form and start collecting data as soon as possible. However this is always a mistake. A lot of energy and enthusiasm is wasted by premature data collection. A Structured Approach has to be adopted to avoid this pitfall.
Research projects always take much longer and are always much harder. A good rule of thumb is to estimate within the time and resources that you have available, play safe and ask a smaller or different question.
Completing a research project is hard work. It takes energy, enthusiasm and staying power from the employees. In a steel company with low productivity, one cannot expect the employees to be enthusiastic.
This is the commonest reason that projects fail, with the usual error being to attempt to answer a question that is too big and too general. Obtaining a concrete answer to a small and specific question is much better than attempting to obtain an answer to a 'big question'.
This is also called a dichotomous scale and takes the form Yes and No questions. The Major draw back of this type is that it can be applied for demographic responses or where a dichotomous response is adequate. Analysis is almost negligible for these types of scales.
This scale is appropriate when there are multiple options but only one answer is sought. ...
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It is often difficult to obtain good advice and supervision for research in a steel company with low productivity where job security is very low among the employees. Good advice and supervision (for trainees) or peer review (for experienced researchers) are a key to successful research.
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