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Benefits provided by Mafia to the American society

In Mafia no body is associated with each other as a friend or brother, if you would look closely to the history of Mafia you would find the leaders of Mafia killed either by their own family members or people relatively closer to them, "a world in which a man's murderer was most apt to be his best friend. Intrigue was the name of the game, and the intricate deals that were hatched threaded the national and international scene" (Cook 3). These people of Mafia work as a unit for the benefits of their own, and not for the society, they often have conferences for the planning of events they would be doing in that year or so, "On December 8, 1959, some 150 Mafia dons gathered in secret session in a suite of fifteen rented rooms in a hotel in Worcester, Massachusetts. Their night-long conclave was later described by Attorney General Edward J. McCormack, of Massachusetts, as a "Little Apalachin" conference" (Cook 36). It seems very strange to hear that Mafia can help anyone, but in fact Mafia has helped numerous countries of the world. ...
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Louis Blanc in 1840 said one of the most thrilling facts of that time, "Crime was long concerned only with brutal, solitary and personal impulses. But nowadays the murderers and robbers are forming ranks, they obey discipline, they have given themselves a code and a morality, they work in gangs with well-devised schemes" (Maltz 21).
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