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Online Journalism

The main source of journalists and online reporters for the internet medium is the Online News Association which has 800 members. The different forms of online journalism pertain to forums, discussion boards, epapers, online news boards as well as blogs and RSS feeds. The nature of the medium and the ease of information dissemination on the internet have made it a very competitive field for online journalism. The internet is in fact challenging the traditional form of reporting and journalism as the classified advertising as well as advertisements are shifting to the online medium for newspapers. Aside from this the niche as well as general scope of journalism online makes it much more appealing for readers than the hardcopy based newspapers and magazines.
People even consider online journalism to be broader in scope, more informative as compared to those conducted through the traditional medium. There is more freedom of speech online, as official journalists as well as volunteers can provide information on various topic. Aside form this online journalism is also considered to be less biased as compared to the traditional medium for journalism. According to Cohen as per her article in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media in 2002, online journalism is depicted as a form of journalism which is entirely driven by the market. ...
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Online journalism is simply the reporting of news, facts which are disseminated through the internet or the online medium. Although many websites and online bulletins tend to inform people about news and events, it is the dissemination of supported and journalism backed information which categorizes it as online journalism…
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