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Marketing Strategy TOTAL INTEGRATION - Essay Example

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Total Integrated campaigns involve synchronised working of different departments of the organisation like HR, Marketing, Production, Procurement, Supplies etc. Such campaigns involve devising strategies in such a manner that all these components complement each other…

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Marketing Strategy TOTAL INTEGRATION

Piercy places great emphasis on the brand identity of the company in integrating marketing and communication campaigns. Total integration involves;
Today Primark has established itself as one of the competitive retail store chain in UK, Ireland and Spain with a total of 173 retail outlets at strategic locations. Employing more than 25000 people the company has been in value clothing for well over 35 years and has also been voted as 'Best Value High Street Fashion' by GMTV and ITV viewers1. This study is an effort to look into the practical implementation of the theoretical aspects relating to marketing strategies, HR support, marketing communication, brand equity proposition, strategic alliance etc. which have been instrumental in the success of Primark. To evaluate the strategies adopted by Primark, while using various tools like Porter's five forces analysis, SWOT, PEST, Ansoff Matrix etc. an effort would also be made to compare the performance of Primark with some other retail companies like Topshop, Prada, Asda, Tesco etc. and how Primark has been able to beat the competition. One of the key weapons in the armoury of Primark has been its ability to come out with items at rates cheaper than the rivals. It will be quite interesting to learn how the company has been able to come out with such lower prices. ...
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