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Compare Modern Martial Art Magazines with 1970s Editions

Either they have set up schools of varying origins and oriental teachers, or produced videos and books, as well as other commercial items such as garments, belts, certificates, among other paraphernalia associated with martial arts.
Nevertheless, in this age of free market economy, everybody may claim to be what they want and claim to be, and as long as somebody is buying, then, they sell. This study, however, shall focus on martial arts magazines language use between the present and the 1970s with substantial inclusion regarding Bruce Lee and the pop culture.
2. Modern martial arts magazines have evolved in word usage as martial arts forms also evolved. Nevertheless, commonalities may include oriental terms of martial arts name of discipline or related school such as Bruce Lee's early Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do and Jun Fan Gung Fu, karate, jui jitsu, among others.
This study will try to present evolving terms and usage of martial arts words with regards to publications of modern martial arts magazines as compared to 1970s martial arts magazines, with particular focus on the following:
This study is important to establish or present the changes or similarities between 1970s and modern martial arts magazines. ...
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Many believe that martial arts trace its origins from Shaolin Kung Fu. Although it is widely acknowledged that self-defense is global in nature ever since there are traces of human history, for self-defense and preservation, Shaolin Kung Fu popularized by actors such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li, have become iconic and symbolical…
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