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Business Management/ Business Ethics Discussion paper - Essay Example

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The increase of the role of business in society over the last two decades has led to the need for the establishment of business ethical standards. Awareness of environmental and social issues is a valuable aspect of contemporary strategic planning, and those businesses which take into account American national idea are rewarded with top spots in 'Top 100 Corporate Citizens' rating.

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Business Management/ Business Ethics Discussion paper

The company buys mortgages from local lenders and repackages them for sale as securities" (, 2005). Due to the fact that the United States annually accepts thousands of refugees and asylum seekers as well as immigrants from the so-called third-world countries, the service is highly relevant and its availability determines overall social welfare.
As one might see from the 'Methodology' chapter, the research was conducted by dividing stakeholders into seven groups: environment, customers, national minorities and women, community (in general), employees, shareholders and non-U.S. stakeholders. Performance in each category was analyzed thoroughly in sense of strengths and concerns. For instance, a company might have several strong points in customer service, such as 24-hour hotline, the presence of guarantee for all products and so on and might have problem with the lack of customer service personnel. It is important to note that many organizations still pay little attention to dealing with minorities (many of them decline refugees' applications and do not wish to hire seniors and part-time students as part-time employees). ...
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