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Hindu Religions - Essay Example

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Hindu temples are a place of high activity, with color and rituals forming an important part of worship. The temples depict mythological stories, as well as stories from everyday life, which go to prove that Hinduism is rather, more than a religion, it is a way of living…

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Hindu Religions

This power transforms the truths propounded by them into an inward reality” ( The Upanisads stress on the knowledge of ‘the Self.’ The sacred mantras like ‘Tat Vam Asi’ meaning – ‘That Thou Art’ and ‘Aham Bramah Asmi’ meaning ‘I am the Brahman’- are the essence of the Upanisads . The Bhagavad- Gita on the other hand, reiterates the necessity of knowing the Self, and also performing one’s duties, without attachment to the results. Sri Krishna says in Chapter II, verse 47, “Thou art entitled to work alone, not to its results.” This verse, in a nutshell, states that while it is important for man to ‘know the Self,’ he should continue to perform his duties devoid of any attachment to the results ( While the Upanisads generally stressed on knowledge more than action, the Bhagavad- Gita revealed that knowledge is to be gained in the process of one performing his duties without any selfish motive or attachment to the reward. ...
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