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If Barack Obama Was Assasinated - Essay Example

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If Barack Obama Was Assasinated

Several newspapers have all brought up the idea that "A violent dispatching of Obama would leave the road to the White House paved for McCain, with Mexico and the rest of the world having to deal with four more years of Republican nightmare"(WorldMeetsUs). And there is certainly some truth behind this. At the current standings Hillary trails Obama in both the pledged delegate vote and the super delegate vote, and it seems that he support may be waning with the leave of her head officer in the past few days as well. And beside her Democratic fan base, nobody knows jus though well she would do in the general election. Comparing Obama to both Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, there is a strong case made that any black politician that events so strongly into society is eventual taken care of. Who is to say the same couldn't happen to Obama. That leaves one to assume that if Obama was assassinated we would see a Republican White House again, something that many people sure don't want to see again, and it would utterly defeat Hillary in the general election.
Civil rights would then jump to the forefront of American life and become a full fledged problem again. Some people feel it would cause such an uprising in fact, that the situation " escalate into an all out civil race war. This will result in marshal law and the national guard will be deployed. "escalate into an all out civil race war. This will result in marshal law and the national guard will be deployed(GNN Tv). And this certainly seems like a probable reaction. Mass riots would break out, and the pot will have boiled over again, causing all racial tensions in the United States to bring us into a state of personal racial warfare. Some even fear that total extremes could be reached, and that the situation could end up with people seeing "guerilla warfare with black leaders and white leaders taking law into there own hands. Anyone and everyone has a gun these days and they will be used. Prisons are ultra full of black men that will riot and kill any white inmates and this will require more effort by the National guard and local authorities to contain leaving our streets vulnerable. People will try to leave the US but other countries will seal their borders for fear of a mass US migration. Power plants, factories, stores, and financial institutions will close out of fear of racial attacks. People will be cold, hungry and possibly homeless as the National Guard and guerilla groups take over cities and kill or imprison opposing parties. I believe you will see atrocities that will rival that of Hitler's concentration camps, and it will all be in high definition courtesy of our media which will further infuriate and feed the panic"(gnn Tv). And that ultimate result of war is not something we want to see happen, but is all too real a result if Obama was assassinated.
The racism that would spring up around the assassination of Obama would be absolute, and could thrust the United States into even a possible second Civil War, again fueled by racial tensions. Noble Prize Winner Doris Lessing even echoed that she felt it was certain that he would be killed. ""He would probably not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would kill him", ...Show more


The current political field in American is both history and ground breaking. For the first time we have both an African American and a female candidate on the Democratic side, and this has sprung to new life the debate over racism and sexism in politics. This unique political field has also begged the question as to what exactly the future holds for both candidates, and many people wonder down which path the United States would turn is possible President nominee Senator Obama was assassinated…
Author : zbrekke
If Barack Obama Was Assasinated essay example
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