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Home Delivery Service - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Customer satisfaction has been a fascinating area of study for many decades. Satisfied customers are the ultimate aim of any business organization and with the emergence of modern marketing philosophy, the entire business operations are directed towards satisfied customers…

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Home Delivery Service

Home delivery is a marketing weapon by which the products are made available at the door steps of customers. The most important attraction of this system is that the customers need not shop at the outlets; instead products are made available at customers' home at their convenient time. With this background, the present study aims to measure the satisfaction level of the customers of Hong Kong Electrical Appliances with special reference to home delivery. The study aims to explore how successful the home delivery service wing of the organization.
Customer satisfaction perhaps is one of the most sought after area of research since time immemorial. The present literature review covers the studies undertaken in the various service businesses. In the word of S.S. Andaleeb, satisfied customers is the outcome of communication, competence and demeanor cost, facilities, among hospital customers in Pennsylvania (Andaleeb 1998). Another significant study observes that the core service quality and perceived value were the most important drivers of customer satisfaction (McDougall and Levesque 2000). However, F. Olorunniwo and Hsu M. K. were of the conclusion that responsiveness, tangibility, reliability, knowledge and accessibility determine service quality and satisfaction (Olorunniwo 2006). ...
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