Communication Technologies

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In the modern world with highly developed communication technologies, issues of privacy are discussed as never before. Among other issues, the problem of workplace privacy plays a crucial role. After all, most of us spend a large part of the day on the workplace and do not like when our phone calls are listened, our e-mails are read, and ourselves watched by employers, or supervisors.


Then the ethical side of the matter is discussed. Two theories are drawn (Utilitarian and Kantian) to find out is it moral to monitor company's personnel. The third part of the paper is devoted to social responsibility. It is argued that a widespread use of monitoring techniques that intrude into employees' private life indicates the low level of social responsibility among employers, which in fact damages their own business. The section also brings recommendations on how to improve privacy preservation within the company and explains what benefits a company will receive.
As the communication technologies continue to develop, the topic of workplace privacy becomes increasingly important. A hundred years ago manager was able to monitor his subordinates only through visual observation and mail check, if a business was related to frequent use of post services. Later, with the spread of telegraphic communication the tension of employers rose up, although it was still very hard for employees to misuse business channels for private purposes. Thus, there was little need in monitoring the use of business communication by personnel. ...
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