Animal Experimentation

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The practice of testing on animals goes back many centuries. In A.D 100's, a Greek physician Galen proved that veins carry blood and not air as it was previously believed. This event was recorded as the first known use of animals in medical research. Today, animals are still being experimented for a variety of reasons.


Others say that animal testing has been proved worthwhile and therefore should continue, but that new laws should be made in order to prevent cruelty to laboratory animals. This debate about the pros and cons of animal testing is one that elicits strong feelings often resulting in violence, threats, and hunger strikes. I personally believe that animal testing is wrong and that alternate ways should be devised for experimentation. (Mattingly, 1990)
No doubt animals have played a vital role in almost all advancements in medicine. Treatments for heart diseases are one example, including open-heart surgery. Perfection of kidney dialysis also occurred through animal experimentation. Recently, animals are being used to determine treatments for major diseases like Alzheimer's disease and AIDS; and if a cure were found, it would be a milestone in medical history. But there is a limit to everything, and there should be a limit to this. Several medical historians claim that clinical research, examination, and human autopsy were the main components in the chief discoveries of heart pathology, cancer, immunology, and psychology. We cannot say assuredly as to what really lead to treatments for the above-mentioned diseases. ...
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