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Essay example - The Guardian of Every Other Right

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The Guardian of Every Other Right", book is written by James W. Ely. The complete name of the book is "The guardian of Every Other Right - A Constitutional History of Property Rights. As the name suggests it deals with the property rights and constitution…

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Property ownership is a complex and a serious issue all over the world. In United States also, it is considered as a serious issue. There are few controversies on this issue from the beginning. From the beginning means that from the colonial rule to the present day, the ownership of land is though to be a controversial and contentious issue.
The book deals with the subject very thoroughly and gives an overview of the laws, ideologies and politics involve in this issue. And also the political and economical change that occurs due to the land and property issue and how these changes affect the constitution and the thoughts behind the constitution. The write provided a clear and comprehensive view about the historical prospective of the property rights issue. How these property right issues were resolved in the colonial rule and also in the democratic issues.
According to Ely, there is a link between the private property rights and the political scenario or the political autonomy, because these issues cannot be resolved without the help of government. Government must interfere with people and public to make their contracts and to put some conditions before the transfer of any property. The laws and private contracts were modified as the US society and politics became modernized and industrialized.
The writer highlighted and explained the constitutional standing and laws over the property issues. ...
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