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Debate Over Airport Privatization

New airport facilities can be added by such a principal means. Historical roots depict that major highways, bridges, tunnels and telecommunication systems have been developed and progressed by the means of privatization. Theoretical researches reveal that airport privatization has become a world-wide trend since the year 1987 and the early-on of 1994 marked the agenda for privatization of airports for more than 50 countries of the world (Poole, 1994). The general concept for such an approach in developed countries includes the principal need of major modernization and expansion and the utilization of long-term franchise so as to possess private sector finance which would commence with the development of new terminals, or entirely new airports.
It is an interesting fact of concern that airports are increasingly considered as enterprises rather than public services and around the world, private sector for airport management and development is being acquired by the government of both developed and developing nations. ...
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The shifting of governmental operations and responsibilities to the private sector is referred to as privatization where sale or lease of public assets constitutes to the most extensive functions (United States General Accounting Office, 1996)…
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