A Research Study on Improving primary care access to refugees in Bromley PCT

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The health of refugees is a major concern for local health providers in terms of tackling health care inequalities. Refugees in the UK are entitled to free NHS health care benefits.


Despite these provisions, there are gross inequalities in terms of refugees availing quality health care benefits. The aim of this study is to find out, what are the problems refugees face in accessing health care, and what services improve their access to primary care facilities, so that the results can be applied to Bromley PCT’s policy initiatives on refugee. This leads to two prime objectives:
1. A critical understanding of measures taken by PCT’s in improving access of its services to refugees.
2.To draw effective strategies from the learning lessons for developing Bromley PCT policy initiatives.
This section spells out the exact methodology followed by me in planning the structure of this dissertation study, and answers in detail questions that would enable any other person to reproduce similar study for constructive continuation of key findings made in the study. It addresses basic questions like literature selected for research, their quantity and importance based on acceptable parameters, like affiliation to official websites of PCT’s. It also evaluates search engine criteria, and a winning approach to conduct appropriate research. ...
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