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Animation Film Studies - Essay Example

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Drawing on the work of Christian Metz and/or Roland Barthes, explore aspects of the narrative structure and codes in ONE film from the module. How does such an analysis help us to understand how the film produces meaning
Cinematic fiction renders the ordinary world lucid…

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Animation Film Studies

This narration helps to understand the ordinary world in an interceptive manner with the perception of the narrator. Narration is different in different media. The narration in Cinema is different from that of in books, history and psychology. This is due to the motion picture it involves during narration. As the motion picture is absent in books and psychology, the narration need to be a little bit dramatic to make a mark on the mind of the viewer. This is not the case with books, where the standard of the narration is crucial to determine the standard of the effect on the mind of the reader. Due to this the narration in film will help the viewer to see all the world's stories within a single structure framed by combined effort of script, director and other production team. According to Roland Barthes, the extracting from each tale its model, then out of these models making great narrative structure by reapplying is exhausting and undesirable. While stating this he is opposing individual models for different tales that diversify the cinema narration. This statement supports the narration of world's stories under a single structure like ascetics see the whole landscape in a single bean. There are enough doubts about the validity of the statement when the tales of different cultures and different environments are considered. ...
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