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Assessment Interviews

After your initial meeting, add any notes of referrals, partnerships with other agencies, counselors or probation officers you may need to assist this client. The client may be working with many therapists, depending on the situation, and you will need to provide information accordingly, and receive pertinent client behavioral assessment from these departments as well.
Before arriving at a correctional facility, many people have interviewed, researched, and assessed the client/prisoner in order to determine counseling needs, safety precautions, and personnel management once inside.
Each facility determines their own assessment and what information they need for each person; however, most use similar categories for their intake. The categories are crime/offense; security risk; physical and mental health issues including suicide watch, if applicable; and substance abuse or addiction. If substance abuse or addiction is part of the client's intake, they bypass normal integration into general correctional facility population and placed near medical personnel to go through detoxification. ...
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Identifying information - such as name, address and phone numbers; their social history - either brief or extensive of who they are, where they work, what they do, their social circle; and a summary of what brought them to your office and where the referral came from (personal or professional or through insurance) .
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